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Tips on Going to the Airport as a First-Timer

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We know the feeling of not knowing what to do especially when checking in to an airport and flying in an airplane for the first time. Approximately 18 % of Americans have never flown on a commercial aircraft, and most of these people are too embarrassed to ask friends or strangers for some assistance. Here, we provide you some easy preparations that will help you in your first air adventure. If you are looking for a luxurious and private delivery to the airport, you can avail of some car services like Vail to Denver Airport so that you can just sit back and relax to help you ease the anxiousness. 

Things to do Before You Arrive at the Airport 


1.Secure travel documents and your IDs.  

The most important thing you need to safely check are your IDs. These are identification cards with your photo issued by the government like Social Security card, driver’s license, Taxpayer’s ID, and the like. If you will fly internationally, you need to have a passport valid for 6 months from the date of your departure, and a VISA, if needed, to enter the country that needs it. 


  1. Prepare your luggage and pack ahead of time

Packing the last minute can sometimes be unavoidable but this will make your more anxious. Packing the week before the trip, or at least three days before the flight will make you calmer when the flight day arrives. 


Also, make sure that your luggage meets the set weight limit, which is, oftentimes, from 7 to 15 kilos. You can find the specification details through their website. Some provide a free baggage allowance of up to 30 kilos.  



Things to do When Arriving at the Airport 


1.Arrive early 2-3 hours early 

Make sure you know the location and the facilities provided by the airport as well as the parking cost (if you are driving) beforehand to avoid being surprised by these when you arrive. Two hours will give you enough time for emergencies like going back to your place in case you forgot an important document.  


  1. Be prepared for the airport security

The screening will take a few minutes to an hour (if the airport is busy). Make sure you comply with the rules and regulations: empty your water bottle, hold your password and boarding pass, and be ready to remove your shoes, belt, and any bulk layers if requested. When you enter the security line, remove your mobile phone, iPad, and any liquid and put them into the tray provided during the screening. As your things roll along the conveyor belt, wait for your turn for a body scan. Once you and your things are done being scanned, make your way to the boarding gate. 



  1. Get to the gate

Check your boarding pass, which provides the time and the flight gate number. When you are now at the gate, listen for the boarding queues. The attendant will call your boarding group or row number.  



Things to Do on The Plane 

When you are now on the plane, the cabin crew will give you the information and direction of your seat. Find your seat, stow your luggage in the overhead and sit down. Relax and enjoy the flight. 

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