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Things You Probably Don’t Know About Trees

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Trees are one of the greatest natural resources on earth, which do a lot of good for the human population and our environment. Aside from that, trees are the best addition to a boring or dull landscape. Regardless if you’re considering to incorporate some into your landscaping design this 2020 or you already have trees on your yard, it would be helpful to know some facts about trees. Here are some of the facts about trees that probably did not know about: 

Trees are the earth’s longest-living organisms 

Original to the American West, there’s actually a species of pine that’s already more than 5,000 years old as of now. Although the branches and stems of Aspen trees just thrive at approximately 100 to 150 years, these trees root systems have been found out to be almost 80,000 years old. 

Healthy trees can add to your property value up to 10,000 dollars 

Yes, you have read it right. If you have trees on your property, it can actually help to increase the value of your home. A beautiful landscape that has strategically planted trees or natural tree life can help increase the curb appeal of your home, causing your property to be worth the money once you decide to place it in the market. 

Threes that surround buildings and homes can minimize the need for air conditioning by more than 25 percent 

A lot of tree types, particularly the shade trees, help create sufficient shadows during the day. Because of this, they can successfully minimize the need of having air conditioning systems in commercial buildings and residential homes. This could be the key to help you save energy for your electricity consumption. 

There’s a dedicated national holiday in honor of planting trees 

This national holiday is known as Arbor Day, which started in Nebraska way back in 1872. During that time, it’s approximated that almost 1 million trees were planted. This holiday, which differs in terms of date in every state, encourages individuals and groups to plant trees to strengthen the environment of the Earth, provide habitats and food and enhance air quality. 

Almost 1/3 of the United States is covered by forests 

Though this may cause you to ask “Why do we still have to plant trees if there are already plenty of trees within our country?”, forests are reduced every day because of commercial construction, housing development, for use in manufacturing paper products, and they are also prone to fire. The best way to help present this essential natural resource that we have is to plant trees in your community and on your property. 

Tree maintenance is needed for them to grow healthy 

Trees grow and exist on their own in nature, hence, it’s actually needed to have the trees on your yard maintained and cared for by an expert. For Columbia tree care services, just visit our website for more information or directly call us using our hotline number found on our page. 

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